Learn exactly what kids need to know to lead an empowered life!


In a culture that throws pills, hours of stressful homework and testing onto the laps of our children, YOU and I stand boldly and say, The Way We CARE For and EDUCATE Our Youth NEEDS to CHANGE.

Nothing is wrong with our kids.

We have the power to co-create the type of community and educational systems that raise Productive, Confident and Happy Kids!

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Online Courses

The Sacred Heart's Journey Audio Course

Be that Positive Role Model for Kids When as You Discover How to Unlock the Power of Your Heart to Heal Your Limitations and Create a Life You Love!

Successful Kids Mentoring for Parents & Teachers Home Study Course

Support for Parents and Teachers who want a Happy, Healthy and Productive Environment for their Kids and Learn Effective Tools at Home and in the Classroom!

Raising and Educating Youth with an Abundant Mindset Audio Course

Identify and Release Your Lack-Based Thoughts. Create an Abundant Mindset for Yourself and Teach Your Kids to Do the Same!

Energy Clearing Tools for Fear, Worry, Stress & Anxiety Audio

This audio takes you through 3 different energy tools to clear away toxic energies.

These tools are easy and fun to use and young people love them. It engages their imagination and leaves them feeling confident and empowered. It’s so easy to teach them to do and they will be able to use it whenever and where ever they want.


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