Grounding with Earth for Balance and Focus


School has become so unbalanced for our children with way too much focus on academics and not enough time spent in the nature.

Kids need and want to be out in nature, interacting with the natural world of which we are all connected to.

Schools have shortened the amount of time spent outdoors and increased the amount of time on testing, homework and studying with the belief that this will better prepare them for life.

What I'm seeing is more stress and anxiety, depression and imbalance. 

It's time to shatter that old paradigm that we've bought into about what it means to live a successful life!

Kids spend all day in school, learning, listening and working and then come home to more work. Many kids never even get outside to connect with nature until the weekend and then we wonder why there is so much stress, anxiety and imbalance with today's youth!

We need to take it back to the natural world and integrate Earth's energies into our being.

Did you know the Earth knows who you are? 

Everyday ask the Earth for her presence to come into your space. Get quiet, ask and then feel. She listens and responds as a sentient being.

Yes, it's true. If you practice this daily, you begin to feel more and more aligned with the natural energies of Gaia, Mother Earth.  You become more sensitive to her subtle energies. It's a loving and grounding presence that feeds your energy-field.

If you or your kids are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed, it is a sure-sign of imbalance. And what better way to restore your balance that by being grounded to the Mother.

P.S.~Want easy-to-use tools for grounding then check-out my audio on Energy Clearing Tools for Fear, Worry, Stress, and Anxiety


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