What Are Your Kids Projecting Into Their Future?

Do you teach your kids to project good things into their future?

Most of us have been programmed to project fear, doubt, worry and anxiety into our future lives. We tend to focus on what happens if things don't work out.

This is a negative use of the mind and a negative projection into the future of your life.

Remember that you are indeed creating your life with every thought and word you speak. The same holds true for your kids. 

As I witness the number of young people experiencing anxiety at various levels, I can see how they are projecting negativity into their future and therefore creating it. 

There are so many things we teach kids to worry about. They all fall under the umbrella of lack and limitation. Basically a belief that says "I am not good enough" in some way.

Our schools do not teach kids to project abundance into their future because they are simply not aware of the power of conscious creation (yet  ). 

What if you can support your kids to eliminate the anxiety they are feeling by programming them with an abundant mindset?

Can the answer be that simple? Yes. But it does take a level of commitment on your part to be consistent in your own modeling of an abundant mindset.

An example of modeling an abundant mindset to your kids is saying "I look for what is going right in my life and celebrate that."

What you focus on grows, as with the Law of Attraction, we attract to us whatever we are vibrating in resonance with.

There are many ways you can begin to model an abundant mindset for your kids and it all starts with you.

Not only will your life change as a result of making this shift, your kids will absorb the energy and life-style changes that you are making and it will be much more easy for them than it has been for you because they haven't been living with many decades of repeated programming. 

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